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When the tooth is damaged or a hole is formed due to tooth decay, accidental bruise, and excessive brushing, appropriate materials can be used to restore the shape, function and health of the tooth. At Smile Tech Dental we try to use tooth-colored composite resins, which are smaller in size than silver metal fillings, retain more natural dentin and look like your natural teeth. The two different materials have different properties and will be used in different patients situations to finely repair your teeth to ensure firmness and durability.

If for any reason your tooth cannot be saved by root canal therapy or other treatments, your doctor may recommend a tooth extraction. While it may sound intimidating at first, tooth extraction has some benefits:
In some cases, it can relieve pain from severely damaged or infected teeth
and restore health, smile and chewing function after implants or dentures
At our Smile TechDental Dental Clinic, our team will explain the pros and cons of this procedure. If there are any alternative extraction options, we will discuss them with you as well. We will solve all your problems and make you as comfortable as possible!

Lost teeth are much more common than you might think. And we are here to help. We’ll explain all the options available to you, including dental implants. In many cases (particularly in younger patients) we recommend implants because they are made of titanium which integrate with jawbone to provide support that better maintain you eating, speaking, and smiling with confidence for decades. They are much more stable than other options like dentures or a bridge. Lost tooth restored with an implant will look great too!In addition to single implants for missing teeth, we offer All-on-4 implants that can be used to restore all of your teeth using as few as 4 implants. This is a great alternative to dentures, particularly for younger folks.

When the tooth is badly broken or the root canal has been treated, the tooth becomes brittle and it is very easy to break, so we recommend to protect the tooth with crown. We will balance various factors such as aesthetics, crown position and durability to recommend the most suitable crown material for you, including full metal, semi-porcelain, full-porcelain, and will use High-tech 3D scanning and digital design to make it for you accurately.

Bridges are used to replace lost tooth. False tooth part connect missing adjacent natural tooth. Bridges can be used to improve the appearance, tooth shape, help restore your smile and chewing function, and helps to prevent teeth separate after tooth missing preventing poor bite in the future.

When bacteria invade the cavity of the tooth or trauma to the tooth causes inflammation that causes pain in the nerves, root canal treatment is needed to remove our diseased or infected nerves (pulp) to allow these diseased nerves, Restore functionality as much as possible. Root canal therapy is a treatment that preserves a tooth when it may be necessary to extract the entire tooth.

Are your gums inflamed, swollen or bleeding? Maybe you've noticed bad breath too, or your teeth look "longer" when you look in the mirror? Plaque has built up under the gum line, causing periodontal disease. If any of these sound familiar, it may be time for a gum treatment or a deep cleaning (root planning) by which we remove the plaque and tartar that has built up under the gum line. This treatment helps us prevent and treat gum disease and improve your overall dental health.

Benefits of Deep Gum Cleaning:

Cleans plaque and tartar below the gum line
Help stop gum disease
Prevent potential tooth loss
Promote general oral health

Dentures are removable and need to be removed and put on by the patient themselves. Partial and full dentures are available. Some removable dentures are supported by hooks on real teeth. Full denture is used when all teeth were lost so it is supported by the gums. Although denture is cheap, but there will be a foreign body sensation in the mouth when using them, and the chewing force is relatively poorer than the fixed bridges or implants and real teeth. If the removable dentures you are wearing are not working well, at Smile Tech Dental we can help, we will examine you in detail and provide improvement options including treatment with implants to support your removable dentures.

Cosmetic Dentistry


Porcelain veneers can be considered as "partial crown", which are attached to the surface of the tooth using a special technique. Veneer can be used when tooth is chipped and cracked including modifying the shape, size and color of teeth to improve the appearance of a smile and increase self-confidence, can be applied to cracked teeth,
Clinical conditions such as small gap, yellow or gray teeth. Compared to crown, porcelain veneers cover only the front surface of a tooth, conserve more tooth substance while crown cover the entire tooth.  At GlowDental, high technology and dentistry come together to make our veneers both beautiful and natural.

The Invisalign system uses a series of clear aligners to gently reposition and straighten your teeth. Compared to metal braces, Invisalign clear braces with no sharp edges or wires,are more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.  You can straighten your teeth and restore your smile unconsciously. Result is remarkably effective - seen by millions around the world.